Silverstein - Retrograde (Official Music Video)
May 18, 2017
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It all hangs in the balance, it’s all a blur. This broken neck holds the weight of the world. The devil’s finally admitted every deed. Scarecrows and hotels, a savage thrill. They come to life as your guts start to spill. And as it cuts and bleeds, a statue forms in me. I stand here frozen. I wish I could forget it. It’s so hard I’ll never get it right. Cold hearts on a colder night. The stronger the ties, the sharper the knife. They said this place would be different, it’s still the same. I’m sanded faceless you’ve taken my name. A beaten mind won’t heal, it takes you where you’ve been. Thorn in my stomach, pain in my side, you’re smashing protons as two worlds collide. With hands as cold as steel I feel you holding me. I stand here frozen. So I walked out of the valley, I let myself feel the sun on my bare back and melt the dirt off my skin. I let the breeze of the wind cleanse me. I let the elements in. It was my only fucking option. And again I was whole. And again I thought I could feel something one day. But this planet doesn’t have a sun. It only has a moon that’s lifeless. And every light that shines is a dead reflection.