Gerard Morin: Over-Unity Demonstrated - Resonance is the Key
Jul 12, 2016
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In this video, Gerard demonstrates some more tests and conclusions, where it is clear now, Resonance is the key. Others have taken the early pump setup from more than a year ago I shared, and self looped, replicated with results, others were demonstrating unusual effects coming from their units. There are many avenues to go. My Goal has always been to understand this energy first, before looping it.. because this will not get us anywhere, if we don't first understand what we are dealing with. I've shown over-unity on multiple occasions in the past, these were stepping stones to the understanding of where we are now, and where we are going with this understanding of resonance.

Everything I have developed with the bigger generator, my new design overseas, and now this unit here.. were with the goal of generating self sustaining generators. I have previously demonstrated that I could get more out than we put in, defying established laws, Under load. However, I was not satisfied with my understanding of why this was happening, we know it over-unity, we saw it, we tested it over and over with pole transformers, and various setups. But these mean nothing, if you don't understand why it's happening. This is why I have released many videos with probing questions to the public. I am trying to open up your mind, before releasing everything I have discovered. These tests are not to waste time, or to have fun.. we don't have time for that. These tests are to break down the box that has been created by the powers that be, in every avenue, from Hydro authorities, to the very lies in the textbooks. We are breaking these down on a weekly basis. I have numerous professionals testing my units, and not one has come back to rebuke these findings, because they are seeing and testing for themselves.

More to come in the future. Open your mind to resonance, and what it can do, every step of the way down the hydro lines, to the plug in your wall. to the effects I show in these videos. The answer is right in front of your face.

For the very short bulb clips - LEP bulb - Light emitting plasma