EXPOSED Scariest Creatures Caught On Tape 2015
Feb 2, 2016
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Scariest creatures ever caught on tape 2015 exposed

1. When a mummy and daddy love each other very much they will often kiss to have a baby, or so the story goes. But what about when a mummy and doggy love each other? You'd get this monster

This dog-human hybrid has many people online stumped and is actually an art sculpture to show how close humans and animals are. Who'd want to have kids with something this ugly? Then again you've never seen my wife.

2. The first example of mermaid hoax came in the 30s when the fiji mermaid was found and encapsulated in a tank of water. It looked more like something from a movie set than real life

And as we progressed technology, so did the mermaid itself it would seem. This hoax youtube video was said to be of a mermaid that had washed ashore and was found for dead.

3. The montauk monster here caused great controversy and conspiracy theorists to go nuts when it emerged on the shores of New York. Many said it was from the crazy scientist labs of plum island

Where as most people saw it for what it actually was, a raccoon that had been highly decomposed after spending weeks in the salty water before it washed ashore.

4. In 2007, an eleven year old boy made international news. The now infamous photograph shows a fresh faced boy kneeling behind a monster-sized pig

The family joined in with the circus act that it was killed on a hunt, but the reality is different. It was an overfed pet, and gentle domestic Duroc swine, named Fred

5. Like something out of a movie, this amazing Giant Snake Found in the Red Sea that killed 320 tourists and 125 Egyptian divers, has been killed by a professional team of elite Egyptian scientists and qualified divers.

The time spent looking for camera editing and photoshop is time wasted here as the snake is 100% real...the rub is that its normal size and all the other items are actually childrens toys.

6. The jackalope was old american folklore about a large rabbit with antlers protruding from its head. It was when this image was released that people believed that some of the species actually existed.

This was before the days of photoshop another camera editing. The family behind the hoax were actually skilled hunters and taxidermists and had grafted the antlers on to hares they'd killed in hunts.

7. Images of giant skeletons being uncovered have existed for years, way back to the 19th century in fact, but the evolution of cameras and software made it easier to play tricks on us

These supposed images from India are of a huge giant skeleton, way above what any existing human or instance of has ever been. In perspective, this skeletons head is around 5 foot high. Is this possible to have existed?

8. Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths, two young cousins living in England, took photographs of the pair interacting with fairies. Their father saw the images and banned them from using the camera.

Their mother believed them to be real and in order to also convince the world took some images closer up of the supposed fairies. It took a while before the children admitted them to be hoaxes.

9. This small dragon was found in Venezuela and quickly contained in some vinegar like solution to help mummify it. The problem is the arms and other limbs were in in unnatural positions for something found in this state

When asked to inspect the specimen the owner also refused as they thought it would damage the body of the dragon.

10. When this image first surfaced in Germany, many began to pray as they believed demons had begun walking the earth. These hairless rat like beings where 100% real

They were also 100% bears that had succumb to a disease that causes their fur to drop out. Scientists are still baffled why it happened though