Beauty and the Beast Trailer 2 - 1991 vs 2017 Comparison/Side by Side
Jan 31, 2017
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● This is not meant to be old trailer vs new trailer but the concept of the new trailer with the footage from 1991 (except from the text parts).

● Hey guys! Since my last trailer comparison received such positive feedback I decided to make another one with the trailer that's just been released. As much as I love Beauty and the Beast I'm kinda sceptical how the 2017 version looks in comparison with the 1991 one but oh well... Some scene didn't match as well as in the first trailer but I tried to find similar ones. So here you have it. Another side by side comparison of the trailer. Enjoy!

► You can watch the comparison of the first full trailer here:

● Thank you so very much for watching and don't forget to leave a comment! I love you!



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